"Clean Air in Hotel" Project

Project “ Clean Air in Hotel”...an air blow in the heart of Milan

Enterprise Hotel is the first hotel of Milan that has a room which air is filtered from allergens, viruses, bacteria and dusts up to 98%, in order to arrive to a complete eco- sustainability with a renewed commitment.

The hotel has indeed adhered to the first leading project created by Omniteck, company specialized in planning and realization of air purifiers with high filtration efficiency. The goal of the project is filter the air from the outside in order to lead it into a fitted room with a never-reached level of micro- and pygmy dusts reduced up to 98%; another goal is to remove pathogens sprinkled in the air like Legionella, bacteria, viruses, spores, molds, allergens, mites, PM10 and PM2,5. The experience of Omniteck and its technological know-how allows to propose the same system of air treatment in the hospital departments like in the Gaslini in Genoa or in research centers and laboratories like CNR.

What are the advantages of sleeping in a room with filtered air?

• The quality of the air in the room is comparable to an environment situated at 6000mt.

• Allergic reactions due to allergens in the air are limited

• The air is particularly appropriate to children, who notoriously have a respiratory system more delicate than adults

• Always clean air, also when the threshold of the pollution in Milan is exceeded.

• The air in the room is 100% Ozone Free and 100% without CFC (chlorofluorocarbons)

The installed filters in our room by Omniteck are compliant with CE Directives EN-1822-5:2000. This project has been recently extended to one of our meeting rooms.