Pet friendly hotel

How many hotels in Milan accept animals? Enterprise Hotel ensures a pleasant stay for your cats and dogs as well!

At our pet-friendly hotel, cats and dogs will be welcomed along with their owners Three years ago we began the “Dolce Vita Dog” and “Dolce Vita Cat” projects with the sole purpose of providing top-notch hospitality also to our beloved pets.

We at Enterprise Hotel not only accept animals, but go out of our way to ensure that they are taken care of so that our human guests can enjoy a more pleasant and relaxing stay, safe in the knowledge that their much-loved dog or cat will also enjoy a comfortable stay.

Small-sized dogs and cats can share the room with their owners at no extra charge.

Please let us know before your arrival so that we can accommodate you in a room that is suitable to the size and number of your pet(s). At the time of booking, please also indicate whether you would like to take advantage of our “Dolce Vita Dog” or “Dolce Vita Cat” service.

This extra service includes upon your arrival:

• A Doggy Lounge, a comfortable, soft and colourful pillow for your dog or cat to sleep or simply lounge on

• A disposable mat to place under its food and water bowls

• A disposable bowl that can be tucked in your bag if you decide to bring your four-legged friend along on your tour of the city

• Yummy kibble for a tasty snack after your long journey

• A detailed pamphlet containing useful emergency numbers: nearest vet, 24-hour animal emergency room…

• Fun postcards to send to your friends to tell them all about your pet-friendly hotel experience in Milan with your travel companion

Our “Dolce Vita Dog” and “Dolce Vita Cat” extra service costs just 5 euros per day and can be booked through our website. Make sure to request this additional service when you choose your room type. Your cats and dogs will enjoy the same VIP treatment at our other Planetaria Hotels.