Art exhibitions in Milan: Pollock, Wharol and Kandinsky

The must-see exhibitions in Milan in winter 2013/2014

Three different artists and three different ways to explain art. This represents Kandinsky, creator of abstract painting, Pollock, the greatest exponent of action painting and Andy Warhol, versatile artist, able to range from sculpture to photography and film production. Their stories and their works are a baggage that necessarily have to be known and lived.

The Warhol’s works hardly go unnoticed in a lifetime, we can easily recall the interpretation of Marilyn Monroe, his most famous work together with Mao Tse-Dong, the basic elements of "PoP art” and definitely more direct and easily interpretable. In another way the works of Kandinskij and Pollock, two of the major abstract artists of the '900, must be observed with different attention.

In his works Kandinskij represents his theory of colors, directly connected between spirituality and art, describing the colors according to the feelings and emotions that arouse in the viewer, comparing them to musical instruments; every color is an emotion, and every emotion is personal.

In his painting Pollock adopted instead a technique called " drip painting”, style of painting in which the color is done draining spontaneously, launched or stained, onto the canvas. The purpose was to emphasize the physical act of painting, spontaneous gesture, unconditional almost automatic. His work is the result of case, what ends up on the canvas is not a picture but an event.

Special Package "Art in the City"

What are you waiting, come to Milan to visit one of the three most important exhibitions of winter 2013/2014!

  • overnight
  • buffet breakfast with "nature and wellness" corner
  • admission to the exhibitions of Pollock, Kandinsky and Warhol (will be deducted from the cost of the room and you need to deliver the original ticket at the reception)
  • 2 tickets valid for 24 hours for public transport
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