Theme parks

Genoa Aquarium

The Aquarium in Genoa is the largest in Italy, the second largest in Europe, after the one in Valencia, in Spain, and the ninth in the world.
It is located at Ponte Spinola, in Genoa’s old 16th century port, housed in a building designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano and can be reached from the Genova Principe railway station, from the “San Giorgio” underground train station and from the Genova Ovest motorway exit.
A visit the aquarium takes around 2 and a half hours over a total area of 9,700 square metres. The original building (39 tanks) involves a tour through the tanks housing fish and many reptiles, reconstructing the natural habitats of each species for clearly educational purposes.
Five large tanks that are particularly interesting can be seen from both floors of the aquarium, and contain, respectively, dolphins, sharks, seals, lamantins and turtles as well as countless other fish species. The dolphins cannot always be seen by the public because they are rotated through 3 tanks, only one of which is visible to the public.
The aquarium was enlarged by using the hull of a ship (named Nave Italia) which houses a large number of open tanks.
Visitors can dip their hands into some of these open tanks and touch the fish directly (tactile tanks). There are no just marine species but also freshwater animals and those from the rain forests.
The water of the aquarium is taken from the sea offshore from the coast and kept in four cisterns beside the two floors. The water is purified and disinfected, then put into the tanks, which are all equipped with mechanical and biological filtering systems.

Pegli Adventure Park

Parco Avventura Pegli is a very new (opened in March 2011) adventure park situated on the Vetta di Pegli hilltop, just a few minutes from the centre of Genoa.
It is an excellent example of redevelopment urban areas. The park, in fact, is located on a former gun emplacement built during World War II, which was never actually used. 
At the Pegli Adventure Park it is now possible to try out, in perfect safety, trails suspended between trees, onTibetan bridges, ladders, lianas and pulleys. 
The park currently offers three “Junior” trails: Red, Blue and Green (for which a minimum height of 110 cm and a minimum age of 6 years are required) as well as a “Top” trail: Black (for which a minimum height of 140 cm is required).


Portofino Regional Park

We really can say that this Regional Park of Portofino is located in one of the world’s most beautiful sites, and each year it is visited by multitudes of tourists from all over the world.
When approaching it, both by car or by train, the sight of the Promontory lying on the sea, with its summit rising, thick with woods and Mediterranean scrub is already a fine view. 
Then discovering the countless paths that climb up leading for example above Camogli, to San Rocco di Camogli from where you can overlook the splendid little town, the sea below and Genoa stretching out in the distance. From there you can easily walk down and arrive ... practically in the middle of the sea, at Punta Chiappa... the Promontory’s outermost finger-like headland.
Excursions will take you into the dense midst of the Mediterranean scrub, where you may encounter the shy and retiring Red Squirrel, the remains of whose “banquets”, pine cones that have been systematically gnawed at, are easy to see in the park. You will also be able to admire flowers of many species, such as wild aquilegias, orchids and lilies: all them obviously to be observed ... but not touched!
Then if you are tired or a little lazy, you can arrive at the magnificent San Fruttuoso Abbey by boat leaving either from Camogli, or Santa Margherita. This is an authentic architectural jewel set in the bluest and clearest sea that you can imagine.
Since 1983, San Fruttuoso Abbey has been the property of FAI (Fondo per l’Ambiente Italiano, the Italian National Trust), which has supervised its restoration. The inlet, at the meeting of two gorges full of springs, is the only landing place on the southern side of the Promontory. There is an ancient olive grove and a fine forest of holm-oaks there. During summer evenings the Abbey is the venue for concerts full of atmosphere.