Theme parks


Cowboyland is the only western park where Cowboys and Indians will be your companions for a day, in a Far West atmosphere, in the open air in the midst of nature!
You will have the chance to get to know and see ranch animals and those of the North American prairies! An ideal place for a family outing where you can spend a whole day with fun activities dedicated especially to children.

African Museum

African Museum is a small theme park that offers the customs and traditions and the setting of an African village. 
A must when organising school projects on the multicultural society and for adults who wish to learn about different lifestyles and values.

Prehistoric Park

Over 100 hectares of parkland with no less than 30 reconstructions of dinosaurs and prehistoric men.
A botany trail with partially free wild animals.
Who came before us?
What were they like? How did they live? 
The Prehistoric Park in Rivolta d’Adda will answer all these questions!

Minitalia Leolandia Park

Minitalia Leolandia Park, just two minutes from BEST WESTERN Villa Appiani is the most important amusement park in Lombardy and ideal for children: 160 reproductions of the major Italian monuments, 16 amusing talking statues, shows and lots of entertainment!

Le Cornelle wildelife park

Not merely a zoo but a combination of delicate balances for the protection of endangered species.
A marvellous Le Cornelle wildlife park just outside Bergamo to better understand the animal world and how to preserve it.


Gardaland is the number one amusement park in Italy, the longest-established one in our Country and one of the most important in Europe.
In 2005, the prestigious American publication Forbes Magazine placed Gardaland Park in fifth place of the best amusement parks in the world!
Truly not to be missed!!!

Parco Ittico

A way of discovering Italian freshwater flora and fauna.
Just 20 km from Milan, the park has been created close to the River Adda, from which the waters have been diverted.
On an area of 130,000 sq. m, Parco Ittico Paradiso fish park is fascinating for both adults and children.

Parchi Verdi

The sun shines in Milan too!
A different way of discovering Milan that you would never have imagined: by visiting its parks!
Visit the site Milan Parks and Gardens to discover the historical parks and other parks in Milan area!