Museo Scienza e Tecnica

Milan’s Science and Technology Museum with 50,000 sq. m of exhibition space and 15,000 historical exhibits, can justifiably be considered a treasure chest.
Military aircraft, 19th century industrial exhibits and even a whole submarine (the famed “Toti”) are on show and there is also a busy calendar of children’s workshops!
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Stallazzo Ecomuseal Station

When Leonardo Da Vinci was staying in this area he was fascinated by the River Adda, its whirlpools and the natural scenery in which it is elegantly set... how about you?
A small ecomuseum station created in an old waterway building, the “Stallazzo” will be and entertaining place to begin your walk through the Leonarda Da Vinci Ecomuseum (stretch of the river from Paderno d’Adda to Porto d’Adda).
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Rock Drawings

Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994, the rock drawings in the Valcamonica are absolutely fascinating: scenes from life from long ago, open air paths to discover how mankind once lived.
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Mining Museum

A miner’s job was both difficult and dangerous!
Discover the treasures of the mine in Val Trompia but also the risks and dangers that local miners had to face every day.

A stimulating journey on one of the little trains that once carried miners to work inside the mine in the bowels of the earth on the famous Via del Ferro (Iron Road).
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The Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (GAMeC - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) is the pride of the city of Bergamo.
Not to be missed is the Manzù Collection, bequeathed by the famous sculptor to the city of Bergamo in 1980.
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