Executve Chef Simone Strinna | Sophia's Restaurant Milan - planetaria.photo 1
Executve Chef Simone Strinna | Sophia's Restaurant Milan - planetaria.photo 2
Simone S.
Chef di Sophia's Restaurant

When did you start working with Planetaria Hotels?
I can say that I have only just joined the Planetaria Hotels group which, with its philosophy and hospitality, made me immediately feel at ease and breathe in a familiar atmosphere from the outset, especially in the kitchen. I have found F&B to be a close-knit, young and willing group, with whom I will undoubtedly have the chance to indulge in my creativity.

What is the most stimulating aspect of your job?
Being able to convey my cooking philosophy and have our guests appreciate it.

Describe your cooking philosophy in 3 words.
Creative, tasty and clean.    

Which ingredient are you most passionate about?
Herbs, the variety, aroma and colour of which have the power to change the taste of each dish.

What is the perfect pairing between a dish and a wine?
Cheek with juniper, cooked at low temperatures, with a foam of Saffron risotto. And a beautiful glass of Piedmont red, the Barbaresco di Ceretto.

Which dish (or ingredient) best describes you?
Spaghettone with peeled tomatoes and fresh basil, whipped with a tip of garlic and aged pecorino cheese. Basically, simplicity, intense flavours and refinement.