The History

In 1920, Allocchio Bacchini & C., one of the first factories constructing electrical instruments and telegraphy devices, was founded at Corso Sempione no. 93. At the end of the 1930s, it was one of the few Italian companies to embark on a new viewing adventure, offering a complete commercial television. The 1943 bombing seriously damaged the factory, ultimately forcing Allocchio Bacchini & C. to change location. After the World War, the building became the headquarters of a renowned Italian historical newspaper: La Settimana Enigmistica. 

As of 1970, the area was abandoned for three decades, until Planetaria Hotels commenced restoration works to re-establish a completely redeveloped space in Milan.

The large skylights that once illuminated the presses today light the dining room. The industrial architecture has been preserved to pair with the modernity of the style, marked by the decisive design of the furniture and interiors. The lines and large windows of the exterior have also been preserved, so as to adapt the dark red marble façade to the urban fabric by which it is surrounded and to confer a peculiar and personal charm to the hotel. The space below the Enterprise Hotel once belonged to a number of buildings. Today, the industrial edifices have been harmonised, in a continuity of the geometric rigour of form, exploiting the natural light from the large windows to illuminate the interiors.