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Social Responsibility

For some years, Enterprise Hotel has been promoting among its stakeholders a culture that is more attentive to environmental, social and governance sustainability, trying to get as close as possible to achieving the UN sustainable development goals around which the United Nations 2030 Agenda is built. Our commitment has recently earned us the DCA ESG Sustainability certification from Dream & Charme, the only certifying institution in the tourism sector under Accredia accreditation. The requirements achieved concern: human rights, working relationships and conditions, management of customers, users and consumers, local community involvement and development, data protection and cybersecurity and sustainable economic development.

Some processes we have implemented:
ENERGY SAVING 100% of the light bulbs in use in the rooms and common areas have been replaced by highly energy-saving LED lights. We have an automatic shutdown system for outdoor lighting. The magnetic keys of the rooms allow the total shutdown of the electrical system when they are disconnected from the special slot. The temperature in the rooms is independently adjustable by the customers. We have in use a new condensing boiler with 97% energy efficiency which is used to supply the hotel with domestic hot water only in winter. In summer, autumn and spring, the hotel is heated by multi-purpose heat pumps; these have a "heat recovery" system that allows us to obtain domestic hot water while cooling the hotel at the same time.
WATER SAVING 100% of the taps in the rooms and common areas have a water flow not exceeding 8 l/min. Each toilet in the hotel has a double button device from which 14l or 4l of water are dispensed. Inside the rooms there are special notices that invite guests to use the towels and bed linen more responsibly, allowing them to choose whether or not to receive the daily change.
REDUCTION OF PLASTIC WASTE We use glass or canned water bottles to replace all plastic bottles, both in the common areas and in the rooms; we have "returnable glass" supply agreements, contributing to the recycling of bottles. Water bottles and filtered water systems from which to replenish have been set up for all the staff. Since 2023, the hotel has chosen to replace all the single-dose bottles available for personal hygiene in the bathrooms of the rooms with special dispensers. It has been calculated that, thanks to their introduction, we reduce plastic waste by around 181,000 units. Since 2019 all the plastic straws used in the bar have been replaced with paper substitutes.
SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY We have 3 charging stations for electric and hybrid cars, one for Porsche fast charging at 12 KWATT and two universal Tesla stations, for guests staying or attending a meeting. Tesla stations are equipped with an intelligent system that delivers 12 KWATT when only one car is charged. If both stations are in use, the energy supplied is halved to reduce energy and cooling consumption.

Moreover Enterprise Hotel has been passionately and proudly supporting CasAmica Onlus for several years, a voluntary organization that for over thirty years has welcomed patients and their families forced to stay away from home, even for long periods, to receive the care they need from the hospitals. The Association manages in Milan, with the help of 90 volunteers, 4 shelters (three dedicated to adults and one to children), for a total of about 100 beds; two new houses have been opened since August 2016, one in Lecco and one in Rome, which have led CasAmica to double the welcome.

We have been a Unicef ​​Baby PitStop for years, that is, a protected environment in which all mothers, not necessarily hotel guests, can feel at ease breastfeeding their baby and changing the nappy.

How we have decided to commit ourselves to the future:
• choosing partners and suppliers from an ESG Sustainability perspective, extending our vision of sustainability also to the procurement sector
• improve waste separation in rooms
• paying more attention to the use of raw food materials that can better enhance the territory and its typical features
The commitments are ambitious, perhaps not easy to implement in a short time, but we will give our stakeholders an account of the successes achieved as well as the failures.